MA Arabic Language & Literature

Standalone PG course of the college, with well defined course curriculum and cognitive learning.

Semester I
Course I : Structure Based Composition
Course II : Computer Application
Course III : Modern Fiction
Course IV : Contemporary Arab World

Semester II
Course V : Functional Arabic
Course VI : Modern Poetry
Course VII : Principles of Literary Criticism
Course VIII : Trends and Movements in Arabic Literature

Semester III
Course IX : Classical and Medieval Literature
Course X : Linguistics, Rhetoric and Advanced Grammar
Course XI : Drama and Interaction Skills
Course XII : Electives
Elective 1 : Journalistic Arabic and Translation
Elective 2 : Research Methodology
Elective 3 : 20th Century Islamic Literature in Arabic

Semester IV
Course XIII : Indian Arabic Literature
Course XIV : Modern Essays and Biography
Course XV : Advanced Translation & Simultaneous Interpretation
Course XVI : Electives
Elective 1 : Comparative Literature
Elective 2 : Modern Approaches in Quran Tafseer
Elective 3 : Modern Arabic Literature in Magrib Countries