Majority of the students Opting for admission in the College are from disadvantaged backgrounds . They include students form tribal communities , OBCs etc. The SC& ST and the minority Cells of the College take keen interest in uplifting students both educationally and socially. Besides devising such special programs as remedial coaching and mentoring for the slow learners from among such communities as S.C, S.T and O.B.Cs, assistance is provided to OBC and SC&ST students by way of scholarships and free ships at the initiative of the cell. They are also given coaching classes for taking competitive exams.

Aims and Objectives

  • To implement the reservation policy of the government as regards SC/ ST and OBC in the College.
  • To provide guidance and counselling in the academic, financial, social and other matters.
  • To ensure equality of educational opportunities for all
  • To bring the disadvantaged groups to the mainstream


Staff In Charge

(SC & ST)

Yoosuf K T