Students Union

The college union is empowered to organize various students’ related activities in the college. The body conducts collegiate as well as inter collegiate programmes. The principal will be ex-officio president of the college union and vice president will be a member of the staff nominated by the principal as the advisor. Office bearers from students shall be elected by the students as every year union election will be held. The chairperson of the students union presides over the Union meeting. 


Members of the Union (2019-2020):

Staff incharge


Dr, Sulaiman P

Assistant Professor


Laseef. A



Fathima Rasni CP

Vice Chairman


Manzoor. CK

General Secretary

Sana Ummer

Joint Secretary

Adeeb Ahammed O


Abdul Majeed. N

General Captain

Muhammed Rishan. K

Fine Arts Secretary


Nubla P K