English club

The world has turned to a global village and the globalization which requires a shared means of communication. English fulfills the need for a global lingua franca as English competency helps us to communicate with the citizens of the most of the countries in the world  without any difficulty. The Communication skills are the prerequisites to get hired for a job and also survive in the organization. In the current scenario, it makes the individual employable and fit to the job market. English proficiency is an added advantage for fresh graduates. English Club organizes programmmes and courses to improve the communicative skills of the students. The Club invites application from the students, accordingly conduct spoken English course. Besides, we conduct programmes pertaining to Book Review and Creative writing. The Club also focuses to develop their vocabulary as we insist them to use library during the off time. English Club also launched a digital repository (a collection of Audio, Video Contents and Audio Books to access students) during the leisure time.  

Staff In Charge

Noushad M.C

Asst. Professor