B.A (Afzal Ul Ulama) in Arabic

An attractive package of Arabic History and Literature stressing on culture and tradition of ancient era.

First Semester
A01 : English
AFU1A02 : Studies in Human Rights
AFU1A07 : Communicative Skills in Arabic
AFU1B01 : Studies in Grammar
AFU1C01 : Thafsir Literature#
AFU1C02 : Functional Arabic -I##

Second Semester
A04 : English
AFU2A03 : History of Arabs
AFU2A08 : Reading Arabic Literature I
AFU2B02 : Applied Grammar and Linguistics
AFU2C03 : Fiqh Studies#
AFU2C04 : Characteristics of Indian Constitution and Environment Studies ##

Third Semester
A05 : English
AFU3A09 : Reading Arabic Literature II
AFU3B03 : Elements of Arabic Language
AFU3B04 : History of Classical Literature
AFU3C05 : Hadith Literature#
AFU3C06 : Functional Arabic II##

Fourth Semester
A06 : English
AFU4A10 : Culture & Civilization
AFU4B05 : Classical Literature Part -I
AFU4BO6 : History of Islamic & Umayyad Literature
AFU4C07 : Science of Prophetic Tradition#
AFU4C08 : Novel##

Fifth Semester
AFU5B07 : Commercial Arabic
AFU5B08 : Rhetorics and Prosody
AFU5B09 : History of Medieval Literature
AFU5B10 : Classical literature Part -II
AFU5D01 : Information Technology & Informatics OR
AFU5D02 : Glimpses of Modern Arab World
Project : To be continued in 6 th Sem

Sixth Semester
AFU6B11 : Modern Prose
AFU6B12 : Modern Poetry
AFU6B13 : History of Modern Arabic Literature
AFU6B14 : Media Arabic
AFU6B15(E01) : Literary Criticism
AFU6B15(E02) : Indian Writings in Arabic
AFU6B16 : Project