The minority cell of the college is formed with the purpose of empowering the minority communities in the college. The Minority Cell basically helps minority students including Christian, Muslim etc. for their academic development. The cell is formed with the objectives of encouraging minority students to enroll for career orientation programs which would empower and equip them with the necessary skills to choose a career option. It also facilitates financial support to students from minority communities from government agencies and other sources


  • To ensure an environment that supports the diversity of religious and cultural beliefs of minorities.
  • To encourage the academic upliftment of minorities
  • To educate the stakeholders of the various scholarship schemes for minorities available under central & state government
  • To identity & counsel financially challenged minority students and forward their applications of education loans to the management for further action
  • To ensure compliance with the reservation policies as applicable to minority institution

Staff In Charge

Mr. Firos. P
Asst. Professor