Women Development Cell is envisioned as an inclusive space constantly pushing against biases and advocating for affirmative changes at the college. WDC and its members attempt to push away the boundaries of traditionalism and regressive ideologies which encompasses every day space of ours. The cell is also formulated as a non-judgmental space where female students can open up their view and take part in policy making. Attaining gender equality remains the ultimate aim of WDC.
Holistic empowerment pressing on women’s mental, physical and social health is what WDC strives for. Hence we host routine based self-defense training, interactive workshops, seminars, sessions on domestic, cyber and public violence committed against women. The cell also looks into the overall wellbeing of every female staff/students of the college and ensures that every kind of discrimination, if any is looked upon with utmost gravity.
AIA College has a unique Gender Policy formulated upon consultation with the management, staff and WDC. The Gender policy acts as the corner stone based on which WDC formulates its activities.

Staff In Charge

Dr. Labeeba k

Asst. Professor