Parents Teachers Association

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of the college provides remarkable support to the activities of the institution. PTA, with the principal as its president, a parent as its vice-president, and a member of teaching staff as its secretary, works with all dedication and interest for the welfare of the students and the institution. PTA functions as a major funding agency and enormously contributes to the infrastructure development of the college. It also extends financial support to academic conferences, seminars, and workshops conducted by the departments from time to time. The members of the executive committee of PTA are selected from the first General Body Meeting, which is held at the beginning of each academic year. The funds for various projects are earmarked every year in the first executive meeting itself after the discussion on the principal’s presentation of the budget for the year. The members of the association often meet to discuss the implementation of its projects and other student-related affairs. Apart from the executive and general body meetings, PTA organizes Class PTA Meetings too with the intention of discussing the academic progress of the students and awareness programmes for students and parents.

President – Sakkir Babu Kattipparuthi ( Principal)
Vice President – Basheer Pannicode
Secretary – Asraf P
Treasurer – Mr. Ameer MK


Abdul Haleem
Dr. Labeeba
Mohammed Favas K
Firos P
Unnenkutti Sahib
Jameela Nilambur
Shreeja K
Sulaiman Kavanoor
Asmabi Thurayoor