B.Com with Islamic Finance

A new age commerce course utilising islamic principles of financing and banking.

First Semester
BC1A01 : Common
BC1A02 : Common
BC1A07 : Common
BCIB01 : Business Management
Compl. BCIC01 : Managerial Economics

Second Semester
BC2A03 : Common
BC2A04 : Common
BC2A08 : Common
Core BC2B02 : Financial Accounting
Compl. BC2C02 : Marketing Management

Third Semester
Common BC3A11 : Basic Numerical Skills
Common BC3A12 : General Informatics
Core BC3B03 : Business Regulations
Core BC3B04 : Corporate Accounting
Compl. BC3C03 : HumanResources Management

Fourth Semester
Common BC4A13 : Entrepreneurship Development
Common BC4A14 : Banking and Insurance
Core BC4B05 : Cost Accounting
Core BC4B06 : Corporate Regulations
Compl. BC4C04 : Quantitative Techniques for Business

Fifth Semester
Core BC5B07 : Accounting for Management
Core BC5B08 : Business Research Methods
Core BC5B09 : Income Tax Law and Accounts
Core BC5B10 : Course in Specialisation
Core BC5B11 : Course in Specialisation
Open BC5D01 : Open Course (For tudents from other Departments)

Sixth Semester
Core BC6B12 : Income Tax and GST
Core BC6B13 : Auditing and Corporate Governance
Core BC6B14 : Course in Specialisation
Core BC6B15 : Course in Specialisation
BC6B16 : (PR) Three Weeks Project and Viva-Voce